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    Michiel Gilsing

    Director EVTL

    • Engro Vopak Terminal Limited.
    Michiel Gilsing

    Michiel Gilsing joined Royal Vopak in 2004. He has over 25 years experience in general management, finance, commercial management and intemational business development. He has relevant experience in the financial industry, the international port business and the oil, gas and petro-chemicals industry. Michiel has performed leadership and management roles at both national as well as international level. He acted and acts as member of the management teams and helds several positions as (supervisory) board member of international (joint) ventures. He has performed several M&An transactions, turnarounds, reorganisations sizable greenfields at international level.

    Michiel Gibing holds a Master’s of Science in Econometrics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He joins the World Economic Forum (WEF) meetings on a regular basis.