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Request for Quotation - Terms and Conditions

  • Goods must be of the required quantity and specifications, otherwise they may be returned at sellers expense.

  • Except otherwise provided all expenses relating to packing and delivery of goods to the buyer shall be borne by the seller.

  • The prices shown on this quotation include all taxes not expressly imposed by law on the buyer unless otherwise indicated. This quotation is placed with buyer upon the understanding that the prices charged do not violate any pricing regulations; and that buyerís acceptance of this quotation constitute sellerís warranty of compliance with all such regulations.

  • Buyer shall have right to inspect goods at sellerís place of business or manufacture. Waiver of inspection shall not be waiver of any defect in the goods.

  • Seller warrants and guarantees that goods delivered do not infringe any valid or applied for copyright, patent or trade mark, foreign or domestic and agree to indemnify the Buyer against all losses, liabilities of litigation.

  • This quotation shall not be assigned without prior written consent of the buyer.

  • Buyerís reserves the right to cancel whole or part of this quotation without assigning any reason.

  • If the goods quoted herein are not delivered by the delivery date specified in the order, buyer may cancel the order without prejudice. All cost and expenses, if any, resulting from cancellation of the order shall be for the sellerís purchasing agent.

  • This quotation supersedes all previous correspondence, bids, offer, etc. any waiver of or any exception to any of the terms and conditions of this quotations should be specifically agreed to in writing by buyers purchasing agent.

  • When partial shipments are made for convenience of the seller, additional transportation charges shall be for sellerís account.

  • The contract to be created by this quotation and its acceptance or confirmation is subject to the undertaking of the seller or contractor that all persons engaged upon the work hereunder or entering upon the pant, vessel or other property of the buyer consignee or owner hereunder named for the purpose of delivering, installing, inspecting, repairing or estimating supplies, material or work hereunder, shall be considered servants of the seller or contractor or sub-contractor hereunder and not of the buyers, consignee or owner, and that the seller or contractor shall bind himself all times ot indemnify and keep harmless the buyer consignee from all liabilities resulting from any claim for accident, or death of any such person including liability for compensation under any Workmanís compensation Act.

  • The parities hereto submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of low at Karachi which courts hall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any claim and / or dispute arising out of this Purchase Order or any acts done in purchase thereof regardless of the location of place of business of parities hereto or the place where the goods are to be delivered.

  • All financial settlements, report and billings rendered by Seller to the buyer shall, in reasonable detail, accurately and fairly reflect the facts about all activities and transactions handled for the account of the buyer.

  • Seller shall exercise reasonable care and diligence to prevent any actions or conditions which could result in a conflict with buyerís best interests. This obligation shall apply to the activities of the employees and agents of seller in their relations with the employees and their families, of Buyer, Vendors, Subcontractors and Third parties arising from this Purchase Order and accomplishing services hereunder. Sellerís efforts shall include, but not be limited to, establishing precautions to prevent its employees or agents from making, receiving, providing, or offering substantial gifts; entertainment, payments, loans or other considerations for the purpose of influencing individuals to act contrary to Buyerís best interest.

  • Terms of payment: Payment within 30 days of acceptance of goods by the owner or receipt of bill whichever is later.

  • The property in the goods, shall not transfer until acceptance by the Buyer and until such time shall remain at Sellerís risk as to loss or damage for any reason whatsoever. Delivery of goods shall not be considered as acceptance of goods.


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EVTL is an Economically Significant Entity as defined in the 5th Schedule of the Companies Ordinance 1984

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Updated Jun 5, 2013